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Daylight Long Exposures using Neutral Density Filters

Links from James 'Crawf' Crawford's presentation delivered to the SLOCC on February 12, 2015.

How to get Get the Most Out of Flickr

Pat Brown's presentation from the January 10,2019 SLOCC meeting here => Filckr Presentation

Mirrorless Cameras

Pat Brown's presentation from the November 13, 2014 SLOCC meeting here => Mirrorless Cameras Presentation

Photographer's Rights

How to Store a Camera Lens or

Composition Webinar

In this B&H Video, David Brommer starts with cave paintings, quickly works his way through Egyptian and Medieval art and arrives in the Renaissance to demonstrate the advancement of composition and the birth of the Rule of Thirds. From there, he offers a wonderfully comprehensive yet down to earth lesson in photo history, theory and equipment, but most important, he demonstrates the basics of photographic composition and what makes a “good” photo.

Smartphone Apps for Photographers

From Jill Waterbury's presentation on September 11, 2014...her blog => and the three smartphone apps every photographer should have in their arsenal:



Check out these apps for tips on photographing the moon and stars:

Sunrise & Sunset Photo Calculator

Calculate time, location of rise and set and colors for photographers. Click here for more info.

How to Configure Printer Settings for Third-Party Papers

As some of you may recall, in the Fall of 2011, Renée Besta wrote a very detailed, three-part series of articles on HDR Photography and Printing for Breathing Color, a company that manufactures fine art papers for printing. The company also sponsored an exhibit Renée produced back when she was President of the Central Coast Photographic Society – the very first 'Photomorphosis' show at the SLO Museum of Art.

This series of articles covered the entire workflow for making great HDR prints that really pop, from proper camera color and HDR settings, to color management, monitor calibration and profiling, HDR post-processing, stylizing images, ICC profiles, and the complete printing workflow.

Well, over three years later, Renée is back working with Breathing Color, and will be involved in writing articles for their blog as well as doing podcasts and maybe even some webinars. For those Camera Club members who do their own inkjet printing, these articles may be of use.


If you are interested in printing and have time, please read her newest article and let her know what you think. And if you have any positive comments to make, she would greatly appreciate your taking time to do that on the blog, as it would really help her.

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Computer Repair Resources


  • MAC Superstore, SLO, 805-781-622
  • Rick Wilson, Santa Margarita, 805-438-4338 or 805-541-2154


  • Mustang Computers, Baywood/Los Osos; 805-528-4027 or 805-706-023;
  • Michael O-Reilly Morro Bay and SLO County; 805-772-7397;
  • Greg Hoffman, Strictly PC, Morro Bay 805-772-2427
  • Stuart Weiss, Coast Electronics, Morro Bay 805-772-1265 or Los Osos 805-528-4785