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2017 Print Competition Winners


Dreams For Sale

Jeff Bacon
Local Morro Bay photographer and graphic designer, Jeff Bacon, will be having an exhibit of famous movie posters - which he designed - at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) in January, 2018. The exhibit will be titled, "Dreams for Sale". Prior to his exhibit, he will be giving an "Art at High Noon" talk at SLOMA which will cover his career and also introduce an upcoming poster competition for aspiring artists.

Abandoned in America

Photographer Nyla James Explores Forgotten Places
Our very own club president has an intriguing interest in and keen eye for forgotten farmhouses, deserted churches, vacant motels and the like. Check out this fantastic KCET article, complete with some of Nyla's amazing images--you may not look at those abandonded shacks the same way again!


Celebrating Flowers in Photographs

Links and information from Marlin Harm's presentation delivered to the SLOCC on March 12, 2015.


Daylight Long Exposures using Neutral Density Filters

Links from James 'Crawf' Crawford's presentation delivered to the SLOCC on February 12, 2015. $99 $59


Mirrorless Cameras

Find Pat Brown's presentation from the November 13, 2014 SLOCC meeting here => Mirrorless Cameras Presentation


Photographer's Rights


How to Store a Camera Lens or


Composition Webinar

In this B&H Video, David Brommer starts with cave paintings, quickly works his way through Egyptian and Medieval art and arrives in the Renaissance to demonstrate the advancement of composition and the birth of the Rule of Thirds. From there, he offers a wonderfully comprehensive yet down to earth lesson in photo history, theory and equipment, but most important, he demonstrates the basics of photographic composition and what makes a “good” photo.


Smartphone Apps for Photographers

From Jill Waterbury's presentation on September 11, 2014...her blog => and the three smartphone apps every photographer should have in their arsenal: