San Luis Obispo Camera Club

Field Trips/Workshops

Every month, we plan a day outing to a local point of interest or event. Once a year or so, we take an overnight trip to a destination rich in photographic opportunities. See the Calendar page for dates of scheduled trips.

Next Field Trip:

SLOCC Photo Scavenger Hunt

SLO Scavenger Hunt Field Trip continues into July!

Bring in your SLO Scavenger Hunt images to the August General meeting. Whether you went with the group, or
photographed independently, feel free to bring in no more than one image for each subject that was on the list.

Name the images with your name and a file number so we can keep them together by photographer.

We will try to guess which subject is which.

        It’s all a blur                        Spread your wings

        Sky’s the limit                     Please be seated

        Drop me a line                    Full circle

        Good food                           Empty space

        Windows to the world          People pusher

        Itsy bitsy                                It’s about time

        Have a drink                         On your feet

        Give us a smile                    Black and white