San Luis Obispo Camera Club


SLOCC December 2018 High Score Images


Judge: Kerry Drager High Score Images:
21 Members entered 63 images. Photographer 8 8.5 9
High Score Totals: Karen Peterson   x xx
27.0 - Ronnie Goyette Ralph George   x xx
26.5 - Karen Peterson Jim Marx   x xx
26.5 - Ralph George Dorothy Cutter   x xx
26.5 - Jim Marx Jim Little xx   x
26.5 - Dorothy Cutter Pat Brown x x x
26.5 - Dagmar Collins Mimi Dichie   xxx  
26.5 - Ross H-McBean Nyla James x xx  
26.5 - Chuck Wyke Dagmar Collins   x xx
26.5 - Christina Stead Ross H-McBean   x xx
26.5 - Newton Hightower Ronnie Goyette     xxx
26.5 - Tim Bryan Chuck Wyte   x xx
26.5 - Steve Sandifer Christina Stead   x xx
26.0 - Mike Long Newton Hightower   x xx
26.0 - Chuck Uebele Kathleen Bosch x x x
Mike Long   xx x
Tim Bryan   x xx
Frank Scott xx x  
Steve Sandifer   x xx
Jaye Pruett x x x
Chuck Uebele   xx x

Six times a year (in the even-numbered months), SLOCC holds a photo competition. Participation is open only to members, but visitors are always welcome to watch. See the Calendar page for specific dates.

Competition Starting time is 7 p.m.

At Competition, members submit their work to the scrutiny of judges. Sometimes we have a guest judge from outside the club; sometimes we use a panel of three club members. The critiques are always oral. Scores range from 3 to 9 points, where 9 is "perfect." To submit your images for Competition, email them to

Competition is meant to be fun and educational. At the end of the year, we reward our hard work with six different awards, including "Image of the Year."

Handy Tips: